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Reality is Weird

Feb 26, 2023

Hello again. I've been meaning to write here again, but I've been busy with other things. I'd rather not go into details, it's all pretty boring anyway. Let's just call it work stuff.

Luckily my nightmares have started to fade. I still get a lot of dreams, but they're more simple now. Some have almost seemed predictive even, but maybe that's just because they're tend to be about my daily life. Still, I've always been intrigued by dreams, by what they mean, if they really can predict the future. That would be a pretty neat and terrifying power.

But now to give a true symptom update. I haven't had too many headaches recently. My anxiety seems to be fading more, though it can come and go. I have noticed a weird itchiness to my skin. Nothing major, but my skin tends to bleed a lot more. It's a painful symptom and it isn't helped by the cold. In terms of mental symptoms, I have noticed I've felt more detatched from my surroundings. I have a strong urge to run away, sometimes even an urge to yell at people. I keep it down mostly since I don't really want people to get angry at me. But the detatchment I can't hold down well. It's hard to care about certain things now, hard to feel they matter or are even real.

I have one more symptom I want to share about. I've heard rumors from a few other ferals about the possibility of auditory hallucinations. Well, some call it that and others call it hearing voices, some even say there's something divine or spiritual going on. I know ferality transforms the mind, body, and soul, but I've never experienced any sort of spiritual transformation like that. I'm not sure if I full believe in it anyway. Still, I've heard the voices that people do hear tend to be highly intrusive, loud, and demanding. Not so much the loving voice of a guardian angel as it is the voice of some angry creature. So I definitely hope I don't experience that. Stay safe out there, ferals.

New Symptom of Ferality

Jan 10, 2023

Greetings again, fellow ferals. Today I got a concerning email from someone who recently realized they had become infected. They talked about having frequent headaches, which I already knew was a common symptom, but they also said they'd been having nosebleeds. I asked them if they had ruled out any other possibilities, such as the cold weather, allergies, or something more serious. They said they'd check with their doctor, who was stumped. Now, the person will just have to wait and hope that the nosebleeds slow down or stop (as their ferality progresses of course).

I don't have any person symptom updates, though I am glad I haven't gotten any nosebleeds. I wouldn't want to stain any of my new shirts. But I guess the closest thing to a new symptom I've noticed is more frequent nightmares. I already had them a couple times a month, but now it seems like I have a new one at least once a week. It's made sleeping difficult, but I still get enough hours in. I guess I'm lucky.

A Late Introduction

Jan 1, 2023

While setting up this website, I totally forgot to introduce myself. Although I wish to remain relatively anonymous, I thought that sharing a bit about myself might allow you all to trust me more.

My nickname is Grey. I'm a guy in my 20s who went to college but, like many now a days, found it unsatisfying. Now I work with computers, seeing that I had a little knack for it. I'm not a total homebody, though. I love getting out in nature, and I recently went on a trip to a national park. I don't have any pets. My favorite color is blue.

There, that should be enough fun facts about me. Maybe in the future I'll consider setting up a permanent about me section. Until then, this will do.

Oh, and happy new year everybody.

A Symptom Update

Dec 4, 2022

Recently I've been notice what I think are a few symptoms of ferality. For example, I have this perpetual anxiety. It's led to full-blown insomnia. Luckily staying up late is common enough for students, but it has affected me in other ways. I can't even pinpoint where the anxiety comes from, it just feels like the primal fear, or like a fight or flight response, like a lot of people talk about. I've been depressed a bit too, but I most chalked that up the the weather. The cold always makes me want to hibernate, as do the shorter days.

Although many of the first symptoms I've noticed are mental, I have had many more headaches recently. I don't tend to get them, even when I would stay up late in the past to work on school projects or essays. Although the current symptoms are upsetting, I suppose I should feel lucky those are all I've noticed so far. According to some now feral people, their first symptoms were much stronger, more varied, and harder to deal with. I think I'll manage.

The Blog

Nov 20, 2022

The blog is now up and running. Here, I plan to document my own experiences as I become feral.

A New Beginning

Nov 14, 2022

Today marks the official beginning of this site. I have a few new features in store already, and however small, I hope this leads others down their own path to ferality.